Giving Back

We’ve teamed up with the Environmental Investigation Agency to keep the world healthy. EIA strives to achieve tangible changes in the global economy that make sustainable management of the world’s natural resources possible. To uphold our promise of bettering the globe, 5% of our profits go to the charity. To read more about the Environmental Investigation Agency please click here.

The Water Crisis

The statistics when it comes to the dangers that mass production is doing when polluting Earth’s waters is tremendous. As the world further industrializes, the need to fuel consumers seems to shadow the importance of sustainability. Major brands tend to use unethical practices to keep up with the market. Not only does 8 million pieces of plastic pollute our waters daily, but the facts seem to get much worse: 100 million marine animals die to plastic waste alone, while 100,000 marine animals lie victims to being strangled by plastic, but the numbers could be so much higher. We as humans barely see the effects of plastic in our waters and believe that one simple mistake of not recycling or littering could not affect the environment; although that is what we perceive, 300 million tons of plastic is created yearly, while 50% is due to single-use plastic; islands are formed of plastic alone and plastic is set to outnumber the amount of fish that swim in the ocean. To read more about the water crisis, please click here, and to learn more on how you can become more sustainable, please click here.

How Limitless Remains Different

As you scour through the saddening facts that are the reality of our global market, there is a recurring focus towards large corporations. Limitless can guarantee that we remain true to our customers as we share the same mission: shrinking our carbon footprint. All of our products will continue to be manufactured from recycled plastic and faux furs, as well as 5% of our profits, will go to the Environmental Investigation Agency. We want to see a change within the world, and will always strive to be good and thoughtful citizens of the planet. Thank you for supporting Limitless.

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